Birds adopted through Palm Beach Parrot Rescue are not to be used for breeding purposes.  Birds that are adopted can not be sold, given away or re-homed to anyone other than Palm Beach Parrot Rescue.  If for any reason you can no longer care for the bird, you must relinquish it back to Palm Beach Parrot Rescue.

You understand and agree that this bird may bite, scream, make a mess or have other behavioral or medical issues that are beyond our control and are not responsible for. You are advised to have your bird examined by a vet of your choice after adopting.

Palm Beach Parrot Rescue has the right to perform random home inspections unannounced for one full year after the adoption.  If our standards of care are not met, we have the right to immediately confiscate the bird and it then becomes the property of Palm Beach Parrot Rescue.  No refunds or fees will be paid back.

I have been educated on the birds needs and understand that it must be kept in a clean cage with fresh water and food at all times. Also that it needs sunlight on a regular basis and that no cleaning products with scents may be used around the bird. Birds should never be left unattended outdoors. I also understand that nonstick cookware is toxic to the birds as well as candles, self cleaning ovens and any aerosol spray products since they can cause death.

I have read and understand all the rules and restrictions and agree to give this bird the standard of care in which it is used to. I also understand that you may come to my home at any time and see the bird and it could be taken if not properly cared for. I assume responsibility for his welfare and have an avian vet’s phone number that is in my area. Palm Beach parrot rescue is not responsible for any injuries received from the bird and I accept full responsibility for the birds actions.

No adoption fee will be refunded

We do not exchange birds for any reason

All adoption applications are filled out in person at the time of your visit